Grains 2 Drops is a production, import, and distribution company of premium spirits, coffee bean roasting, cigars and other premium products in Greece and abroad through online channels and Teddy’s Speakeasy.


The company is exclusive importer & distributor of Blanton’s, one of the world’s first branded bourbons. It supplies the Greek market with a wide range of Blanton’s, including Special and Limited Editions.

Wanting to strengthen its DNA, the company transforms its passion for collecting earth’s finest grains crafted into exquisite drops of extremely premium products that become Ambassadors of Greece abroad. For this reason, the portfolio was enriched with Mastic Miracles mastiha liqueur and Mireleon, St. Johns Organic Wort Oil. In addition, it is the exclusive importer & distributor for Greece of Wine from the Merenda Sinoira estate in the Piemonte region, Galloni prosciutto from Parma, Italy & Annia’s Gin from boutique Austrian producer Rochelt.

With the best raw materials, respect for its suppliers as central axes of its philosophy, and strengthening business activity in Greece, the company aims for its continuous and healthy development through Premium products.


Earth’s Finest Grains Into Exquisite Drops. Our passion in bringing the best out of bourbon is embodied by our knowledge in spirits.

Blanton's Special Reserve Green
Blanton's The Original Single Barrel
Blanton's Gold Edition
Cuvee Alex Brut Avirey - Lingey
Vintage 2016 Avirey - Lingey
Annia’s Gin Gravenstein Apple Juniper
Barolo Kidì 2015
Sapèl Langhe Nebbiolo 2020
Cimpé Langhe Bianco 2021


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